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struggling with anxiety and depression

posted by 💡4 Rare Velvety Dog on 23 August, 2019

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greetings everyone, i have been suffering from depression for some years now. since september i've been feeling better, because i changed schools (restarting my high school all over again), my grades are better and i made a friend. it's summer break, and i'm feeling super depressed again. i have almost no one to talk to, much less listen to me. i always give everything i have to help others, but when i need help i feel that people give the least effort to help or just ignore it. at night it’s very difficult to sleep as i start thinking, i get anxious and it becomes a vicious cycle. i can't feel motivated to do the things that i like. i think everything i do is not worth it, including myself. i’m starting to wonder how everyone’s life would be if i never existed, i don't know what to do anymore… i feel so useless, alone and on the verge of having an existential crisis…

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💡3 Light Checkered Koala ● 26 August, 2019 ⚓︎

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i'm kinda dealing with the same situation and i can give you some advice on what to do. it's some of the things i'm doing to deal with those issues. i would recommend trying to talk to new ppl. online or irl and make new friends. i find it a bit easier to make online friends and just keep the conversations going. when you have no motivation force yourself to do it or make yourself do something outside like take a walk. find distractions from anxiety, sadness or any emotion but dont let the distraction consume you. and know your not useless. think of it this way at of all the ants on the planet not a one of them is useless so why would you be useless. you're important to someone.