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should or shouldn’t dwell for cheating on dmv drivers ed quiz

posted by Anonymous on 27 April, 2019

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ive been dealing with this for days now and a part of me wants to brush this off, but then it’s like i have to deal with what i did but making a stupid choice by using my cellphone when i was taking dmv drivers ed quiz. there were some questions i had the most difficult on other questions i had no issues with getting right my thoughts on this is should i just brush this off or should i deal with the stupid choice i’m not excusing myself for what i did

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👍13 💡3310 Big Boy Ben ● 27 April, 2019 ⚓︎

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you've already asked this question and gotten some good responses: https://mellowtalk.com/insights/171337534427 no point in dwelling on it.