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left out

posted by 💡2 Fanciful Solid Crane on 14 July, 2019

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hi there sometimes i feel left out of my family it feels bit like i’m just not important to them. my parents compliment my bothers and do exactly the same thing and they just complain that it’s not how they wanted to be and my bothers just treat me like trash. it makes me feel alone when i’m at home it hardly feels like home.

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Anonymous ● 17 July, 2019 ⚓︎

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i understand how hard this is. as it only feels fair to be loved by our families the way we deserve but let me tell you something human beings in general are complicated creatures most of their actions and reactions are just reflections to some of their personal issues our perspective as well is deeply affected by many self issues and insecurities that said u have to bear in mind that how other people treat u even the closest one is not cause something is wrong with u .. in many situations it is cause of their own issues and they don't know better but have faith in god's mercy and that if it really feels hard at home for now .. that this is a test u have to go through to grow and learn lots of important things u will need in ur life and always ask for help and come here to vent whenever u feel u can't take it anymore express how u feel and be honest with urself accept ur emotions and do ur best to accept how things are around u <3