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health scare

posted by Anonymous on 09 October, 2022

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finally i came home on thursday from being in the hospital i had there since saturday of last week because of my throbbing headache. having to draw blood constantly from me and then going for an mri and mra to detect in making sure there’s no tumors thankfully there were no tumors, however with mra they found a tiny aneurysm on vessels which i have to go in for regular check ups to keep track so that it doesn’t grow if it does they would be require even do laser or do actual surgery to remove it. so now i’mnot two medications to keep my under control from increasing, luckily i’m seeing ophthalmologist and an neurologist,either way it still big shock about when they told me about it, that’s something i’m afraid of. i also found about why i kept on having a throbbing headache it’s called pseudo tumor cerebral intraerainial hypertension> pseudotumor cerebri is a condition in your skull. for unknown reasons, too much cerebrospinal fluid (csf) builds up in the skull and creates pressure. the phrase “pseudotumor cerebri” translates to “false brain tumor” because the symptoms are similar. however, it doesn’t mean you have a tumor. it’s also called idiopathic intracranial hypertension, benign intracranial hypertension or intracranial venous hypertension.

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