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i am the cause of my own depression

posted by Anonymous on 20 July, 2020

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has anybody ever gave up after years of trying with anxiety and depression ... and then just given up, turned into a slob , escaping everyday into unhealthy and addictive , unproductive activities? i just have no standards for myself anymore, my character is bad - im a miserable person , lazy to do constructive things to build myself up again . i stay withdrawn and away from people. the few friendships i had are gone as i never shared that i was struggling ever with depression/anxiety just shocking how much of a mess i am and worse that i am almost choosing to be like that with my poor choices. this is the longest time ive ever been staying like this , i feel it is so much a part of me . i think ill end up committing suicide in the future if i carry on hating who i am. any pointers ? how did anyone build their self-love , self-respect up and change themselves and their life from anxiety/depression cycles ??

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Anonymous ● 20 July, 2020 ⚓︎

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jordan peterson advice -tidy up your room , -do those small things that matter.. that have been bugging you - set a schedule up to have a good day (productive and enjoyable) other: - do some self-care , meditation - get exercising , get out in your free time - anti-inflammatory diet is important : real foods not junk . - be more compassionate to yourself, acknowledge your journey , the origin of your struggles , highlight your strengths - with each day, point out the small positives , the efforts you contributed to you and to others (to help retrain you to stop thinking so self-critically, miserably and hopelessly) all the small efforts compound and one day you will feel a change , things have got better by your own efforts do something about being kind and positive around others and have self-compassion to be authentic about your struggles to others???? or just be a better friend to yourself (i feel telling others wont help me / i feel ashamed telling them / i fear they wont care and reject me.)