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i'm spiraling and i dont know how to help myself

posted by Anonymous on 28 November, 2021

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ive struggles with eating disorders for years now abs have been in and out of treatment centers. ive been out for about 2 years now. however, im not doing better. ive been engaging bulimia behaviors and restricive behaviorsans i cant pull myself out. just yesterday i didnt engage in any of those behsviors and ive felt guilty avoyt it ecer since. idint know how to pull mysrlf out. i have a therapust but i feel that shell be dissapointed to find out what ive been doing. so im asking for or guidence or some sort of advice.

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Anonymous ● 07 December, 2021 ⚓︎

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there's a part of you that cares about yourself. ask it, if i were to put myself first, what would i be doing? those actions, are the love we need to show to ourself. well done for reaching out and expressing how you feel and have been struggling. deep down we all want to feel care don't feel you are letting anyone down, your therapist, the journey is towards loving and caring about yourself more and being honest about your struggle to others is one way towards making steps to healing. you will one day be showing the same care to others, it must first be learn by treating the self kindly you are important and you matter i wish you the strength and courage to keep trying and living. we are better connected and not isolating ourselves with illness. we can be well, we must look after ourselves and lean into help. deep connections are formed through honesty i'm stuck too holing myself up and i'm so greatful that you showed your human side. i don't want other people suffering and i wish for you inner strength to get yourself out of this and towards the path of healing, as i do for myself good luck hun. sometimes we need to acknowledge we are human and that empathy can spark us to care about our selves again and not give up