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i'm spiraling and i dont know how to help myself

posted by Anonymous on 28 November, 2021

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ive struggles with eating disorders for years now abs have been in and out of treatment centers. ive been out for about 2 years now. however, im not doing better. ive been engaging bulimia behaviors and restricive behaviorsans i cant pull myself out. just yesterday i didnt engage in any of those behsviors and ive felt guilty avoyt it ecer since. idint know how to pull mysrlf out. i have a therapust but i feel that shell be dissapointed to find out what ive been doing. so im asking for or guidence or some sort of advice.

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Anonymous ● 28 November, 2021 ⚓︎

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hey there! it’s great that you realize you might be falling back into bad habits and it’s never too late to distance yourself further from them. never stop trying. you’re doing great, and you are brave for acknowledging this to strangers online. i’m not sure what to tell you about your therapist because i’ve never had one, so might i give you some advice and suggest you try to set yourself a small daily goal? it could start out small like “today, i will eat a healthy break fast” or “today, i will drink a cup of water”, then you can work your way up to “today, i’ll eat three well balanced and well portioned meals.” you could even add in small 15-30 minute workouts everyday, with a proper rest day of course, so you don’t feel like you’re eating too much and say, “because i worked out, i deserve this meal”, and it helps that you get fit in the process. of course, please don’t make it so that if you don’t work out that day you don’t deserve to eat. everyone deserves to eat and no matter your body type or size, you’re beautiful and you’re not alone. your goals don’t have to immediately change your entire schedule, but small changes like this will slowly work it’s way to becoming your norm and i hope this helps you in some way.