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wet dreams

posted by Anonymous on 13 December, 2020

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for some reason when i fall asleep those images of this guy i have a crush on always seems to pop up in my sleep, i see him so many times in person it’s like a lusting desire of wanting to have sex with him

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Anonymous ● 19 December, 2020 ⚓︎

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i've got good and bad news. the bad news is that this is something everyone deals with. people get horny and obsessive and everyone finds their own way to deal with that energy. short term its about getting yourself off, but long term it's more about channeling it into something else. finding a better commitment than ruminating. the good news is that you're human. this isn't a problem unique to you and is one understood by all. feel confident that this experience isn't weird and doesn't reflect at all on you as a person.