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posted by 👍5 💡65 💎1 Gentle Polychromatic Bear on 04 September, 2020

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heya fellows of the mellows! how are you all doing? what are the best things going on in your life? or the goodness that has been keeping your spirits up? what are you aspiring for? share some good stuff in here or any funny moment that you wanted to share with somebody. to the ones who arent doing so great, warmest of hugs and cookies. no matter how hard things seem to be, it will get better. nothing can stop the sunshine that's gonna light your life up. be persistent and trust in yourself. you can do it! have a listen to bernard albertson's "a old man's advice". its a real-pick-me-up. listeners/talkers/anons all are welcome to talk about anything! :)

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👍5 💡65 💎1 Gentle Polychromatic Bear ● 13 September, 2020 ⚓︎

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hiya tranquil rainbow daffodil! noble work, rightly done imo! you must've been kind and helpful! living up to your name perhaps :p it has been quiet indeed. infact i came back here after a long time and was surprised to see the low tide. it was and still is a safe space with amazing listeners. im doing alright. jobless since march but the savings are backing me and the family up. exams for a better position are looming and im hoping to get where i want to be. things have been slightly rough but we're gonna keep rowing! thanks for asking, daffodil. how are things with you? stay safe and happy!