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listeners are here for you

posted by 💡4 Light Sturdy Bear on 05 May, 2020

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just after a recent conversation, abit of reflection. we understand sometimes it can be a daunting prospect, clicking that talk icon to speak to one of us, we understand sometimes it can be difficult to share those most difficult times in your life. we are here to listen, support, be that shoulder to cry on and that ear to vent into. we understand that sometimes you just need someone to tell you....it okay! well we are here for you, do not be affraid to click that talk button and say hi, we dont expect you to jump atraight into whats wrong or explain the details of your life, we are here for when you are ready, if its just a chat to help you bring a smile to your day we are here, if its to relieve a burden which has been weighing you down for some time we are here. please let us know what ever it is in your own time, we will try our best to help you, allot of us have been through some extremely tough times too or may still be going through them, we will give the time for you when you need it most! never forget we click that listener icon because we have time for you, we are doing this because we want to, if we can bring even the slighest of comfort to you, knowing this, is something to reflect positivly about. this is a safe place, let us help you when you need it most.

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you are doing a great work light sturdy bear. keep it up!