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posted by Anonymous on 03 September, 2018

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i have been depressed since i was 8 i felt in happy with the way i look and i have a small medical problem and my family make fun of me for it and i just am always crying and i tryed selfharm and my family found out and instead of trying to help or talk to me and they did was yell and ground me and when i say i want to live with my dad they threat him

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Mysterious Rainbow Cod ● 26 December, 2018 ⚓︎

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i'm so sorry you're having such a hard time. it sounds like you would benefit from someone to confide in like a school counselor or regular counseling. it's so hard when you don't feel heard, so i suggest you find an in person support group where you can feel safe, understood and heard. look up nami online and find a group on there that's local to you or you can look up groups on meetup.com. nami would be my first choice for you though as they have groups that are specific for depression and other similar issues.