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posted by Anonymous on 04 January, 2020

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this isnt something like important and i should probably talk about more pressing issues but right now im sad about this so thats what im going to randomly vent about. here goes... i love this rapper called nf... and i mean he's amazing and i want to hear him live so bad... but i live in islamabad and the chances of him coming here are none... and like by the time i grow up... i plan to move abroad... hopefully that'll happen... but by the time i do grow up he'll probably be old and wouldnt be rapping from what i know... and idk that just made me real sad... i'll never get to see him or hear him sing in person... sorry for the rambling but yeah...

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💡2 Tall Pointy Fig ● 09 January, 2020 ⚓︎

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hey, i understand you are sad because you aren't able to see your favourite rapper. and given that his chances of coming there are less, maybe you can still try and approach his fan mail, it really works!