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in love with my best friend

posted by 💡1 Majestically Silky Loris on 02 February, 2021

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there's a girl who goes to my high school who i have been best friends with for years. we have known each other since we were both 13, we sit together in lessons and so on and we like have so much in common. but we have never taken it further than like just friends. anyway she has been going through like a rough time lately cos her mom lost her job and has been struggling to pay rent, her home life has never been great but its kinda worse right now. and we were chatting a couple weeks ago and she was kinda venting to me about how tough things have been and i kinda just suddenly felt like i loved her so much and i just wanted to hold her and like make all the problems go away. like since then i have been thinking a lot about her and i think i literally am in love with her, i cant imagine what my life would be like if it didnt have her in it. but i dont know if she feels the same about me, she has never hinted at it. and she is my best friend, i dont wanna ruin the friendship we have by telling her this if she doesnt feel the same way. and i'm pretty awkward about these things at the best of times haha. but at the same time i feel like i just really have to tell her and ill regret it my whole life if i dont.

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