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how do i move on?

posted by Anonymous on 11 July, 2021

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what bothering me is well i hate dwelling in the past. i try so hard to move on and get over it, but it seems to be a repeating pattern. how do i move on and leave the past in the past? i had trouble dealing with it because its weird how the lies we tell ourselves to ease our own soul and become so convincing we believe the lies we told to be truthful, but its an endless cycle. why do we do that and how would one cope with the pain and humiliation all over again?

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Anonymous ● 13 July, 2021 ⚓︎

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the past is the past and will stay. if you make a decision that regret your whole life then you shouldn’t be regretful, instead learn your mistakes if it repeats itself again, you have so many years to experience new things and possibilities, and you shouldn’t waste time what you wanna do instead of over thinking about your past. if you lost the love of your life or your family, i’m sorry to hear that, but it is better to move on, keep them as your memory when you were happy with them, then try to move on and do something that makes you feel better without the need of them being with you, because they want you to live your life to the fullest