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not used to quarantine life

posted by Anonymous on 02 May, 2020

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man. i used to teach and be super social all the time (at school). my daughter is grown(ish) and i'm a grandmom (superblessed) but i cant go see them. i want her to be able to live her life anyway without me being up her booty. my husband goes out. any friends i used to have, ive lost bc i'm old and life happens. i'm only 45 but i'm super alone/ lonely during the quarantine...i dont feel like i have a purpose. i just eat now and watch tv. advice?

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Anonymous ● 06 May, 2020 ⚓︎

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who is used to this life? this is an incredibly hard time. we always hear the word unprecedented in the news, but this is truly the definition. if you figure out how to feel normal, make sure to tell the rest of us!