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posted by 💡137 💎2 Delightful Scarlet Jellyfish on 03 June, 2020

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hey guys! i sincerely hope every and each one of you is doing okay. as you all know, the last few days have been dreadful. following the murder of george floyd, people have been protesting all over the world, especially in the united states. with all this in mind, i'd like you to take a moment to reconsider your role in this battle. there are thousands of people being mistreated every day and, from now on, it's important for us to be as active as we can. talk to your family and your friends about racism, don't let this topic be ignored. speak out when you see someone being humiliated in public, discrimination cannot be tolerated. make a difference in someone's life by supporting the right cause. if you are being a victim of racism or any other kind of discrimination, please don't let it pass and try to find someone who can help you. and remember that, at the end of the day, mellowtalk will be here if you need to vent. stay safe!

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