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continue to dwell or learn from it

posted by Anonymous on 21 May, 2019

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i still having a feeling of guilt for cheating on my drivers ed test however it was certain questions i had the most difficulty on.even though i passed it still makes me wonder should i go back and tell the dmv what i did or let it go, i cant what i did i wish could but i can’t

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Anonymous ● 29 May, 2019 ⚓︎

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hmm... how long ago was it? how long have you been driving for? it's true that you shouldn't have cheated in the first place, but to me it seems like that's not the issue anymore, because it already happened--its in the past now. so ask yourself if you think you are ready to be driving. do you know all the rules? do you know how to operate a car? if so, then you've technically passed, as the point of the test is to prove that you are capable of driving... and in that case, i'd let it go. if you've realised that you're not ready, then i would consider telling the dmv. although admitting to a mistake like this is hard, there's honor in doing so. they might appreciate your honesty, and could probably help you study so you don't feel the need to cheat next time a situation like this arises.