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general but overwhelming

posted by 💡1 Zealous Steady Trout on 28 July, 2019

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i am currently struggling with the loss of interest in most of my life, home, people, activities...i am dealing with some of the worst current challenges that anyone could dream of and well i think i'm slipping away. i've never felt like this and have overco.e many horrible things. just looking g for some insight and helpful advice

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Anonymous ● 29 July, 2019 ⚓︎

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first of all it's okay you are not on your own even if you feel that you are it does get super hard sometimes .. people around us are not even aware most of the time that ''hard' always means material struggles .. most of the time it's just inner trouble .. something we feel inside that feels like a monster growing and hurting us .. and you keep fighting to be sane and be normal but am telling u it's okay the darkness inside is consuming ur energy .. making u losing interest in everything around cause u are drained the source of the darkness is variable for each individual but in the end ur unique challenge that u keep figuring out more about it each day .. is part of ur unique life journey .. part of ur unique personality the fighting u do each day to do better and be better shows you more about ur own personality and helps u to be the better version of urself as u expose more hidden part of it if it's really dark around and no one around understands have faith inside ur heart and keep fighting the only advice i have for myself u and everyone just hold into faith faith in yourself faith in life faith in god faith in people whenever it feels dark inside plant the seed of faith and keep fighting i pray it gets better for u me and everyone around <3

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Anonymous ● 31 July, 2019 ⚓︎

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and not just faith in god. inner strength is important but doesn't necessarily need to come from something external. you can find something to keep you going, whether it is passion for work or devotion to family or travel and meeting new people, that keeps you interested in the life you're living. it's all about finding what makes you continue on and being comfortable with who you are. it can be really tough finding that thing and i wish you the best of luck for it.