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i just can’t seem to handle my emotions anymore

posted by Anonymous on 13 August, 2019

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hi so i’m a student and i’m having this rly rly important national exams this year so naturally i’m rly stressed out and it’s only 2 months away on top of that i’m having major family issues and it’s clearly not helping at all and lately i just feel rly down and can’t seem to get anything right i rly feel like giving up at this point and keeping my grades up is a major struggle i’m just a hot mess atm crying has also became my daily routine so i’m rly in need of some advice

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💡2 Cute Olive Penguin ● 15 August, 2019 ⚓︎

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hi, my advice would be: take 1 day of to come to yourself. relax, just relax one day. and then when you are relaxed, make a planning. i think that would help, because learning withs stress isnt a great learning way, you better can take one day off, and then you can learn better. i dont know if this helps, but i wish you a lot of luck.

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Anonymous ● 13 August, 2019 ⚓︎

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we can all relate to that. it seems like the tests never end. for me it was sat and then the mcat and then coming up is step 1 for residency. after that it is board exams for licensing these exams are terrible and nobody likes them. but we all get through them one way or another. you'll live regardless of the outcome and no matter what there will be more options for you to utilize. this is a problem which so, so many people all around the world experience and based on how proactive you are about reaching out for help, it sounds like you're well on your way to handling it. crying every day is not normal and you should definitely seek help for you anxiety. it'll improve your quality of life a lot and help you deal with these issues impacting you every day. some quick tips to deal with extreme emotions are to make sure you're getting out enough and finding some time for yourself. also, catching yourself before you start blaming people and things for everything that's going on is important because that quickly turns into existential exhaustion which has no solution. you can be a level headed person and you can take this test with a clear mind and a smile on your face. i know it seems crazy, but it is totally possible. talk to some people. do some things you like to do. work out a little bit. and best of all, achieve little things. do smaller pieces of work so you feel like you've accomplished something. study for half an hour, no more, and take a break. do a small bit of homework. watch a short educational video. achieving these little goals you set for yourself and cutting out major stressors is the key to beating test anxiety. i wish you the best of luck. know that there are plenty of us out there who are going through the same things with you.