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how do you get friends??

posted by Lit Orchid Butterfly on 09 January, 2023

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i really don't know how to get friends, so could i have some advice?

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Anonymous ● 26 January, 2023 ⚓︎

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i believe in certain rules for creating friends. proximity breeds fondness, so make a routine to be around others birds of a feather flock together, go do something you enjoy around others - so if you like drawing take an art class after work, talk to others - spend some time checking out an art gallery you must leave your comfort zone, trying new things around others shows willingness to be vulnerable, or at least it seems so to me and that helps so much when trying to strike up a conversation wear a "what's that?", a strange item that can be used as a conversation starter - it could be a pretty necklace, a shirt with a witty phrase (i use a d&d shirt, it also draws in the kind of person i can normally talk to) be more aware of your body language and be present when talking to people - your mind follows your body, so crossing your arms makes you a little less receptive to ideas, so if you want to make someone more receptive to something you're saying try to direct their body language to be more open - do the same with yourself if you're having fun people are more likely to gather around you, we're all drawn in to a smile and laughter