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how do i make someone fall for me even with a curse?

posted by Fully Chocolate Robin on 11 July, 2021

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i have the worst luck in love. it seems like i had a curse placed on me since i was born...the curse being that nobody would like or want me and if i want or like someone they would only break my heart. the person who placed it on me even told me they did so its not just in my head. i dont know how to break the curse. things just get worst and worst every time i crush or like someone. they just end up breaking my heart saying they think i'm so ugly and how they dont want or like someone like me...like they are prettier like this guy said she's way hotter than you...how could i make someone fall for me even with a curse? its kind of like beauty and the beast except i'm the beast and by the way im not trolling. im dead serious. i dont want to feel pain and humiliation anymore. am i not worthy of love and just pain? nobody seems to be answer my posts so if i get any answers i would appreciate it. thanks in advance.

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Anonymous ● 12 July, 2021 ⚓︎

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curses are nothing but superstitions, believe in yourself and all will fall into place :) p.s. if someone is judging you for ur looks they arent worth it anyway