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does anyone here lose sleep over their anxiety?

posted by Anonymous on 02 August, 2018

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the title says it all. i always have trouble getting to sleep and i toss and turn for hours sometimes and then wake up in the middle of the night anyway. im so tired all the time its really hard.

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👍7 💡8 Tiny Red Bison ● 25 February, 2019 ⚓︎

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oh heck yes i know what you are talking about. something that i didnt read in the comments that i find helpful is if you havent slept in 20 minutes get out of the bed and go do something else till you feel tired again. avoid things that are going to stimulate your mind, especially in the bed. what i find helpful is drinking a nice caffeine free tea and writing down my thoughts, writing what i feel upset about, what my mind is continuously going back to in thoughts and kind of giving a solution to what i want to do about it. most times this works for me. like someone else has said, listening to asmr is nice. recently ive been watching a lot of pimple/blackhead popping and thats been very satisfying to watch :) lol other times ive gone through spells of anxiety robbing my sleep . episodes of me crying and then laughing how ridiculous it is to be crying as i'm crying during the time i'm a hostage to an anxiety attack. it can come in waves that i can't control with a hot tea and a healthy lifestyle. and coming to terms with that and getting the medicine needed to help cope is what i would recommend if you are also feeling the anxiety as strongly as that. best to you