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still working things out

posted by Anonymous on 14 April, 2021

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today was quite unexpected i came face to face with the guy i had a falling out with and yes i was this close to crying but i held up. me and him talked for about an hour i told him how i felt from incident over the phone he told me during the falling out that happened he blocked me which is another reason after what happened i didn’t call or text him after that, he apologized to me for calling a bitch and other things i too apologized to him for leading him on which was wrong of me not being truthful with him. i said this to him i take ownership for what happened in this situation i still feel guilty about this even though we resolved it i feel like i’m still upset about it i don’t know how he’s feeling about it but i hope that me and him can continue to being friends i love him dearly

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sounds like your both human and have issues. but it also sounds like your both willing to put the time and effort into repairing this relationship when you both could be moving on. thats something :) that says there is a high chance of something real existing here. keep at it :)