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i feel so alone

posted by Anonymous on 28 June, 2019

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i don't know what else to say. so many people around me yet i still manage to feel so lonely and my thoughts don't help as well. i feel like no one cares about me, heck there is no one to care about me. i have no real friends, zero social life and my mind hates me. so basically my life is giving me hell rn. however, i do try to be positive about everything but sometimes i just can't help but cry at how pathetic my life is and i know it will get better but when? how much longer do i have to wait? i just want to stop feeling like this, like i'm drowning.

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Anonymous ● 29 June, 2019 ⚓︎

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when you are drowning, somebody is prone to throw out a life-bouy. so, since you feel like you're drowning, i'll attempt my luck at throwing you a life-raft... "nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent," -elenore roosevelt. these things are bringing you down because you probably don't realize that you're allowing it to. you have to make sure that you open your mind to things that try to bring positivity into it. it does get better, but nbody can decide how long that is going to take. when you're in that place, you'll just know you don't have to wait any longer because you'll just know the feeling. be do not quit trying because "can't never could." alone is a strange word, is it not. it means desolate and lonely, but we're emcompassed by seven billion other people. so, therefore, we never are alon. but it's funny how our mind can trick us into that. but, if your mind can drag you into this rabbithole, then you can drag your mind back out of it. i didn't say that it was ever going to be easy, in fact it is anything but, yet it is rewarding in the end. and, within those seven billion people, i'm undoubtely sure that thee are a few who are waiting to care about you. you just have to find them! i promise it'll be okay in the end, and if you need somebody, reply to this and i'll give you my @s in case you ever need to talk! best wishes - blair