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posted by 👍3 💡27 Slightly Symmetrical Monkey on 07 May, 2019

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alright so shdsfdfsfdfsfdfsfds i'm currently like recovering from self harm and it's been like a month or like 3 and a half weeks since i last cut!!! there was also this part of recovery that i like to call 'emotional numbness' because it's not really an emotion. it's like a lack of emotion. i hated getting it- which led to me wanting to be sad again- but i'm doing a lot better! that emotion-thingy is a lot less frequent and i relly less on things online to keep me happy! speaking of which, i'm getting more happy recently (and not for the wrong reasons)! i'm super proud that i can finally accept the fact that what i did was unhealthy. i never accepted that before. i'm so glad websites like these could help me whenever i didn't want to speak to real people. thank you to anybody who ever left a comment on my insights. each one of you were very kind and helpful. and to anyone who is starting recovery, you can do it. it has it's downsides, but once you start really recovering, you'll be very happy. i know i sure am. <3

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👍3 💡27 Slightly Symmetrical Monkey ● 09 May, 2019 ⚓︎

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oh shit you're the guy from reddit, i honestly have no idea how to make websites and shit like that so amazing job making mellowtalk!