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never give up

posted by 👍68 💡16 💎1 Sandy Firm Butterfly on 14 June, 2020

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just a small remainder that we are not sure what's waiting for us in the next page of our life. but it's important to hold ourselves and try to face the situation life brings to us. if you are going through any bad phase please share it with anybody... anybody....be it one among us or be it any of your friends. try sharing your thoughts and feelings so that one can be with you when you really need them. try to be strong and not give up. we try our best to be there for you in whatever way possible. and for the listeners who are doing a brilliant job here. you guys are great... there are people who need us and we should try our best to help them out...no one knows what one might be going through...what might be making them depressed and sad so anyone who is reading this, weather you are a listner or a venter to this site...try to help anyone who needs us... try to be there for them.

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👍68 💡16 💎1 Sandy Firm Butterfly ● 19 June, 2020 ⚓︎

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leaving a tab open and then returning back to the same after a while makes the browser refresh the page to re-establish the connection with the server and it's more likely that the listeners might be busy in some other important stuffs when they get connected to any venter who comes online ..making it difficult for the listener to rejoin the room...and about the notifications one...we can limit the venter request to 1 or 2 per listener....yes it won't be as easy as i'm saying but we can give this feature a try :-) and dear"big boy ben" you already did a great and an amazing thing by creating this site ...the importance of this site can be truly valued by those who came here when they were all sad and low and went back with even a bit of positiveness with some great efforts by the listeners and by all those listeners like us who find them lucky to have got a chance to help or be with someone who is in need and ...we all can't thank you enough ✨ . you have been putting lots of efforts for many out there and i think now you need a team ! a group of people like you who would love to get involved helping others and about that social media thing...i think instagram is the best platform to reach out to more and more people and make them aware of this very amazing platform but at the same time it's important to see that some people who just think of having a random chat or anything like that don't make it difficult for others who come to this site for very genuine reasons.