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mindless - isolating and eating

posted by Anonymous on 14 February, 2020

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hello i have been having this poor coping mechanism for sometime now . i coop up and avoid people, my routine turns upside down as i am avoiding life but i become very mindless and either spend endless time distracting myself or eating. i feel really bad shutting people out or not interacting with them while i am hooked onto these self-destructive habits. i think i am really lacing in self-awareness that i can fall into these ruts time and time again. has anyone ever changed themselves from such shameful habits before? any advice on how i can face myself and make myself a better person? is the answer to motivation and improving oneself , to be more connected with other people and the world around me? i isolate too much , i think that is something i have done naturally many times over the years and cant help falling back into every time i am stressed.

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Anonymous ● 17 February, 2020 ⚓︎

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(o.p.) again feeling very drawn to food as a way to stuff down stress, however i also also felt ashamed that i am eating away all the food in the house that my mum pays for . its unfair to her. eating away at convenience foods also seems to rev up my appetite; i dont stay full for long, the appetite is unsatiable when what i want to get rid of is the feeling of anxiety. 1. like friendly striped swan suggested, use meditation : breathing mindfulness techniques , ackwowledge my anxious feelings and that it is leading o these food cravings. im not actually physically hungry , its my emotional state that needs attention 2. when i do eat , it needs to be nutritious. green leafy veg , bananas, avocados help to balance cortisol . the fibre can help me feel full and the food is much more nourishing , not addictive in the way convenience foods are . i can make a green smoothie and have that 3. really need to stop caving into the convenience foods, they are addictive and unhelpful , i will gain weight eating them mindlessly. i dont need them . my willpower obviously doesnt work to avoid them , like ffswan said about environmental cues... maybe i need to create more barriers to the convenience foods and make sure i have the healthy food availabe to me. maybe i need to plan it ith my mum . there should be consequences for caving into the junk food although nothing i do seems to help me not give in to it.. back to point no. 1 it does feel shameful and impulsive (immature) to have such a crux with food . makes my life seem pathetic, a basic flaw that has consquences for how well or rubbish i progress in life. thats along with all the other easy distractions . i want to be better than this , than all these terrible habits . im keeping myself locked in a self-limitting prison. good for nothing until i can manage myself better.