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attempts for peace

posted by Anonymous on 11 March, 2021

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my daughter’s father had text me the other day asking if i could talk with him. my first instincts was like really? all of sudden he wants to talk after what crap he put me through he wants to talk. i didn’t give my thought about it but then i was like i’ll get ahead with it he wanna to talk about how guilty he felt for mistreating me saying foul stuff to me that i didnt like as of result i couldn’t stand to be near him because but he wanna make peace with me to apologize for his actions stating the it doesn’t excuse for what he said and for that i can agree.i was very thankful that he took the time to reach out to me in wanting to make peace and amends he said i want us to be able to talk without arguing

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hey anon, you logic seems right and the remnant of frustrations from the mistreatment are valid, in my opinion. and i wouldn't say that one can brush off and patch up. forgiveness would need a long run depending on the situation and the emotions of the people involved and the sincerity put in. i would advice to chat online first and let him know what you said here. that you appreciate him reaching out and wanting to mend things. so do you and you would also prefer to settle it as calmly as possible. try choosing a pleasant place or a calm public space where you can feel safe and find your voice to express your concerns, if you were to meet outside. also, having a mental checklist on things you want to make clear or decide about, before you both converse would help in making your response and demeanor more in control and would look firm. much strength to you and bear hugs~