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afraid to love again pt 2

posted by Anonymous on 24 March, 2020

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hello, previously i asked for help and thus far the kind words have been super encouraging so i would like to say thank you to those that gave me feed back and took the time of day to write me, i also have new tea! so, recently my babies dad has been in contact with me,her bday was coming up so he called to ask if i needed anything bc of the covid situation i said no, however insisted in trying, of course nothing but false promises thus far, i told him i would give him the opportunity to try tho, he invited me over and i went seeking closure, he told me tht he was having issues w the 3rd bm (the one he cheated on me with) and was trying to get sexual, obviously it didnt work and i could tell he was quite embarresed, however i am feeling stuck alllll over again, i feltas if that chapter was closed, but he opened it again, he was telling me that he just always has a part of me with him, and that he always thinks of me, tht he feels like hes sometimes forced to be with the 3rd bm since she has always threatend to call the police on him if he doesnt stay with her, im curious to see ur insight on things, do u guys think hes being serious or tht he only see's me as a second choice? i feel as if he thinks i am tht obsessed, which obvi i am still hurting over him idk he plays with my head so much idk what to do

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how do you feel with the re-opening of that chapter? how far are you willing to go concerning your relationship with him?