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need guidance and encouragement going back to work

posted by Anonymous on 16 August, 2022

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today i went on indeed in looking for jobs all in medical field between medical file records clerk,office assistant and administrative assistant, my mom too is retired but is looking to go back to work because she can’t sit in the house ever since my dad unexpectedly passed on it has really made us too comfortable and it’s time for me especially to get back out there and get my feet wet, while i was searching my mom brought up another question that caught me off guard in asking me is there another avenue you want to pursue outside of the medical field. i was honest with her and told her i wanna pursue communications like advertising,billboards,magazine print something in that category that i will take pride in doing, she said to me i’m not trying to be brutal but i’m telling you this because you gotta understand what’s expected. i have an associates degree in communications from county college, she even asked me did you ever have counselor/advisor to help you look for job before graduation which is something i regret not being more active in going to my advisor/counselor more often like i should had i gone for more help in searching for advertising jobs i would already be working either big or small companies, surprisingly my mom is in the same situation as me when she graduated she already thought her advisor would start reaching out to her but instead of helping her it just left in the dust where she had to go out on her own to look for a job which is something that i need to do little scared to get back out there i just need advice and encouragement to give me confidence and strength to know i gotta push through this it’s not easy

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Anonymous ● 30 August, 2022 ⚓︎

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i understand. i had a job i loved for many years, but left it to take a position i thought would be better for a work-life balance. what i learned is that it's hard but doable. if you have administrative skills, perhaps you can get an admin job in the communications field. maybe you can can work on communication or marketing with a volunteer organization. think about working with a resume writer to make it shine. i hope everything works out the way you want!