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punched my mom’s boyfriend

posted by Anonymous on 11 March, 2022

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i don’t know whether i said feel guilty about this me and my moms boyfriend got into heat argument over something stupid where it got to the point where he laid his hands on me which of course i got extremely heated as a result i punched him twice and my sisters had to get me away from him and ended getting a phone call from my mom asking why did you punch my boyfriend do you it was right of what did and said to her yes it was right of what i did, im not gonna put up with abuse from a man who feels they can hurt somebody because they can when they don’t have the right too

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Anonymous ● 26 March, 2022 ⚓︎

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you don't fight fire with fire...you should've just backed away and been the better person but by punching him twice shows your weakness to prove him right that you aren't afraid to fight back...it just shows how you should've just let yourself backed away when he came at you...what i'm trying to say is what happens if things get worst for you and you end up in a hospital bed because of him? just be the better person and learn from it. i don't know what was said that got you heated but if it was your fault you should own up to it and apologize. good luck and hope i helped.