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posted by 💡1 Excellent Solid Cuckoo on 12 October, 2019

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so i stopped taking my anti depressants a couple months ago, the medication worked like i stopped cutting my wrists, etc. but right now i don’t know what i feel. like i’m okay dying but i’m okay living? (if that makes sense) i feel like i don’t feel anything. i feel like i don't have purpose. i have a kid right, a year and 3 months old. i really love him but idk it just doesn’t feel right. i feel like i love him because that’s the normal feeling associated with being a father. but tbh idk anymore. i even been very cold to my girlfriend like back when i wasn’t on any meds i would cry every time we would fight but then now i feel nothing. typing this has been kinda therapeutic, you know to let it all out. i wish someone out there can have the time to read this. thank you

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Anonymous ● 14 October, 2019 ⚓︎

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i would definitely recommend continuing on your medication and talking to your doctor about the side effects. obviously, they don't expect you to live feeling emotionless and will probably prescribe a lower dose / alternate psychotherapy. no need to worry, parenthood isn't always love and roses and you'll make your own way through life like the rest of us. especially for new fathers, it may take a little while for you to develop the strong bond with your kid that society expects you to have