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posted by 💡1 Deep Yellow Starling on 25 October, 2018

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i started cutting on 10/22/18. now its the end of the week and i have cut at least once every day now. i feel really lonely and i really want to die. cutting helps the pain go away.

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Anonymous ● 19 January, 2019 ⚓︎

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this is one of the most relieving and most destructive versions of soothing oneself. please please seek help. talk to your doctor about how you feel, maybe they have a suggestion such as a medicine or therapy. also anyone in this forum would be more than willing to help you. in fact just a few moments ago i chatted with someone to help me keep from cutting myself (i havent in 16 months). love is being sent your way. its so so so hard but please find something to immerse yourself in like sunshine on your face or going for a walk, laughing with a friend, watching a funny movie with your favorite blankie and a candle. seems juvenile but it helps so much to care for yourself like you would care for a little child.