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posted by Lit Orchid Butterfly on 09 January, 2023

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hey, i need advice because im struggling. im afraid of my lover but i dont know why. everytime im near them, i feel the need to make them smile and if they doesn't smile, i feel afraid, like i failed to make their life better. i know that i have no reason to feel afraid and to feel that way but i do and its sad. i dont know how many times i've cried myself asleep because they were mad at me or they just weren't themselves. i want to see them smile but yet i can't make them smile. im having problems with saying i love you to them too. could someone give me some advice or something because i really need some.

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Anonymous ● 13 January, 2023 ⚓︎

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it may be hard to accept but it’s not your responsibility to always be worrying about making your partner happy. you have not failed by any means if you cannot make them happy every minute of the day. i am still learning this myself but a lot of being happy is learning to make yorself happy. they shouldn’t have to rely on you taking the responsibility to make them happy all the time. just no way that can work and be healthy for either of you.