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posted by 💡2 Classy Chocolate Opossum on 10 December, 2022

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what do you do when you have noone to turn to and talk and cry on there shoulder or to love me for me bc without that someone i losing myself bc i dont understand y i cant be enough for someone to be there for me

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Lit Speckled Cherry ● 13 December, 2022 ⚓︎

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i have a feeling that you might be always in a crowd or something, but find out that you really felt alone the whole time. the truth is, this is kind of like classic depression. umm, if you've ever been like a french person, you should leave all your feelings in a journal (an online journal app with password) then just hope the right person will be able to read that. then just let go of how alone you feel and go after something that you like, even if you're really by yourself.