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posted by 💡2 Classy Chocolate Opossum on 10 December, 2022

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what do you do when you have noone to turn to and talk and cry on there shoulder or to love me for me bc without that someone i losing myself bc i dont understand y i cant be enough for someone to be there for me

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Lit Orchid Butterfly ● 09 January, 2023 ⚓︎

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you need to realize that you are enough even if they say you aren't. they ain't gonna hurt you if you don't let them. you don't need nobody because you've got yourself. you need to realize that one day your gonna wake up and not care anymore. your gonna realize that this whole world is messed up and so is humanity. yes i know you feel like your losing yourself and they may be whats happening but you can't let that happen. find out who and what you are in life and what you are gonna do. fight back against the bad people. bring out your claws and fight. show them your flaws and make them understand that nobody is perfect. your flaws make you perfect and you will soon realize this. when the darkness is to dark for you, become the light and grow. stay strong!!