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big cringe moment

posted by 💡1 Zestfull Colorful Toad on 03 December, 2019

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ok so my parents are in a weird kind of relationship where one moment they'll be living together and joking and telling each other they love each other, and then the next there's constant yelling and arguing and dads gone back to his flat. this obviously isn't a very nice relationship to witness, and it especially wasn't nice to witness while on a family holiday a few months or so ago with them and my brother. lots and lots of nasty words were said to one another at some point during every day we were there, and it all built up to the last day, when we were going to the beach. dad was driving the car around the roundabout and trying to get back onto a main road, except the road was crowded af and another car was also trying to get onto it at the same as us. mum really loves the beach and was eager to get there as soon as possible, so she told dad to make sure the other car wouldn't get in front of us in a rather not-so-nice tone. dad started saying how the other car was already kind of in front of us and we should just let it go in order to be more safe but mum just kept on nagging him. the other car managed to beat us to it and mum yelled at dad once more. then dad lost it and started yelling back at mum. lots and lots and lots of yelling, all very awkward to have to listen to. eventually the car arrived at the beach and everybody but dad got out. mum walked around on the sand for a bit before calling her mother and a friend to pick us all up from the place we were staying at. we walked back to the car and acted normally around dad on the ride back. after packing up our shit we walked out the door without telling dad where we were going and to where mums mom and friend were both parked and we got driven home from there. when we were back home mum told everybody what had happened, except she told it in this bullshitty way where she made it sound like dad had attacked her out of nowhere. the worst part was that my brother agreed with her and everybody else didn't bother to question her. its been pissing me off ever since and i've not been able meet with dad because i still feel bad about leaving without a proper word. very cringe.

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