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posted by Anonymous on 04 October, 2021

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it’s one thing to help somebody out but to tel them they need to work whatever issues they have is going too far. my stepmom went too far she told my sister that she’s too cute be having so much weight on her and she should lose 20 to 40 pounds, as soon as i heard every single word that came outta her mouth my blood boiling i mean boiling i was heated i’m like how could you say something like that, her excuse was i just trying to help you get confidence in yourself so i immediately step in to defend my sister first of all she knows for herself okay she doesn’t need anybody telling her how to lose weight, to make matters worse she gave my sister waist trainer this made me heated even more. after we finish our family therapy my sister and i got up and immediately left and i told throw that damn waist trainer in the trash

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Anonymous ● 26 October, 2021 ⚓︎

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hmmm...you didnt say how old your sister was, so i dont know if your step mom is out of line or not. if shes still in elementary school which i assume because you mentioned how your step mom said she was too cute to be having so much weight...then if it doesnt bother her than just let her be on her way...it doesnt seem to bother her as much as it does you...shes still a kid. i applaude you for taking the time to have family therapy to work things out with your step mom but it seems to just make you lash out and angry so i assume maybe you might need to talk it out with your step mom like tell her how you truly feel about everything maybe you miss how things were with your mom and lash out because shes not her and you want things back to the way they once were. i say just let this tension die out and if you cant tell her write it in a note like everything you feel and tell her to read it in front of you. sorry if i wasnt much help, but hope i helped and good luck.