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i have started to love binge eating

posted by Anonymous on 08 April, 2020

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ive always felt fat and eating unhealthy food leads to me feeling so ugly and hopeless about losing weight and anxious about my appearance for the last 3 months , ive spent a lot of time withdrawn from people and have avoidance/anxiety completing my university work. i started bingeing and constantly distracted by food and anxiousness now im relaxed and watching dramas when i should be sleeping and i am using binge-eating as a way of enjoying myself i know this is unhealthy . it is like love , except it really is with the binge-eating. i look forward to it as if im having a date. im sure i wont feel this way tomorrow when i look at my body and my face, my skin go inflamed and bad. is there anyway i can change this love i have for binge eating? i feel lost

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💡121 💎2 Delightful Scarlet Jellyfish ● 08 April, 2020 ⚓︎

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hey there! first of all, you should start by understanding why do you binge eat. yes, it is a coping mechanism, you started it to deal with your anxiety, but what makes you binge eat? what are the exact situations that make you want to do it? the first step to deal with this is realizing what are your triggers, so you can act directly at them. there's actually a big difference between striking at the root of a problem or merely trimming its branches. the second option drains a lot of your energy and makes you want to quit, it does not solve your problems on the long term. however, by acting directly, you can focus all your energy on what makes you binge eat. by the time you're capable of identifying your triggers, you can start to develop other coping mechanisms, healthy ones. it's okay to feel lost when dealing with something like this and the way you're currently feeling is utterly normal. however, i want you to know you're not ugly, not at all. you are not the problem, it's the problem that is taking control of you. but all problems have a solution, even if we haven't found it yet. hope you stay strong!