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girlfriend's depression

posted by Anonymous on 01 March, 2019

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i love my girlfriend, we've been together about six months and she's honestly the best, most interesting, intelligent person. but she really is emotionally a mess and i worry about her. she's had the hardest life imaginable, her mum was a heroin addict, she lived in massive poverty, she was sexually abused growing up. before i met her she tried to kill herself twice. she's on antidepressants which help her function but they don't make the symptoms go away. she's such a kind, beautiful person but she struggles so bad, i mean sometimes she's ok but sometimes she can barely motivate herself even to take a shower or clean her teeth for days at a time. i love her so much but it's kinda scary sometimes. i'm kind of her only friend and the only person she really trusts. she even says like i'm the only good thing that's ever happened to her. i know she wouldn't do anything like try to kill herself again but i worry about her all the same.

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💡2 Wholesome Round Goldfish ● 10 March, 2019 ⚓︎

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i struggle with anxiety and depression every day. journaling, meditation, support groups, anonymous chats like this help a lot when i feel like she does. you just being there matters most