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graduate on time

posted by 💡2 Cheery Vibrant Hamster on 24 July, 2019

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my friends convocation will be held on this september, which means they are officially graduated diploma. andddd here i am.. stuck :) they told me to attend the ceremony so we can take a pictures together but... tbh i really dont wanna go, im afraid people will looking at me orrr judging asking me why i cannot graduate with them, why i extend one more semester, why it is hard for me to pass the subjects when everyone can do it. i wanted to come and the same time i dont wanna come. im just afraid.

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👍1 💡13 Quick Sparkling Dolphin ● 30 July, 2019 ⚓︎

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listen here... there is nothing any one can say to make you feel bad about you. truthfully you are probably gifted and talented in different ways. your success in life is not determined by a diploma or ceremony. it is determined by self worth and hard work at something you love to do. no one can judge you for your decisions in life. everyone has their own path. stay strong friend and always have faith in you not caring what anyone thinks!!