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tips for reducing reliance on sweet foods and instant noodles , toast

posted by Anonymous on 22 July, 2020

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hiya , does anyone have any tips? im battling with depression right now . i use food a lot to cheer me up ; i cant believe it has turned into such an unhealthy thing i rely on. the flab around my middle has started building which is scaring me . how can i taper off this dependence on high calorie convenience foods and maintain my mood? i actually feel 'love' for instant noodles , the way it makes me feel , like a hug for my emotions . but i also get anxious and my appetite can be non stop

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Anonymous ● 12 August, 2020 ⚓︎

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i pretty much constantly switch between good and bad eating habits. it's quite frustrating, but... -as 'big boy ben' already said: cooking is a very nice way to eat more healthy and conciously, plus the accomplishment is quite valuable in motivating you to keep it up/find a new better habit. -also it seems like you know yourself well, so take advantage of that: willpower is not infinte (besides for david goggins maybe, although he also started at some later point in his life). anyway try to 'hide' your weaknesses i.e. noodles from yourself. just not having them around should make it way easier for you to resist. -if you still have a hard time finding the discipline although you really want to change your behavior: consider health or intermitting fasting. it helps your body not to crave food nonstop and maybe therefor unlink some of the 'emotional connection' you seem to feel. it helped me quite a bit in recognizing when i'm not actually hungry anymore but just in the habit of wanting food. best of luck and have fun cooking! imagine being able to make top shelf !non!-instant noodles all on your own...