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tips for reducing reliance on sweet foods and instant noodles , toast

posted by Anonymous on 22 July, 2020

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hiya , does anyone have any tips? im battling with depression right now . i use food a lot to cheer me up ; i cant believe it has turned into such an unhealthy thing i rely on. the flab around my middle has started building which is scaring me . how can i taper off this dependence on high calorie convenience foods and maintain my mood? i actually feel 'love' for instant noodles , the way it makes me feel , like a hug for my emotions . but i also get anxious and my appetite can be non stop

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👍2 💡14 Gentle Polychromatic Bear ● 24 August, 2020 ⚓︎

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hey friend, gaaahh, i have the crave and love for food and i cannot follow through diets where i have to cut off from the goodness. but ive found the secret!! the secret is to trick your body and manipulate your diet to include all the stuff but in healthier quantities. for eg. whenever i eat noodles, i make sure that i add loads of veggies and protein to it and replace a part of the noodle quantity with them. egg is my favorite. :p same goes for any meal. if you want to have some cheer-me-up food, you gotta have the strict healthier foods too! up the healthy percentages as you go. right now, my health food to gooey mouthwatering food is 70-30% which is way better than what i used to have. whenever you want to snack on something instant, try balancing the snack ratios too. the same way i suggested about meals. easy food : raw veggies. also, have a group of friends who are motivated to workout with you. not just to loose the flab, but for a fresh routine. or you can post about it active fitness-related groups. (folks there are usually supportive!) maintaining a workout schedule, just twenty min of a day would help your brain to produce happy hormones and fight off the depression. it feels much better if youre able to do it in an area where sunlight's good. then you dont need to worry much about your appetite as well :) hope this helps. btw "a hug for my emotions" hits home hard, i had to clutch my heart in a dramatic pose. its awesome that you recognised what has been holding you back and trying to come out of it!! kudos!! take care, friend!