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to my abuser….

posted by Anonymous on 04 July, 2021

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i hope this is ok to post here. i don’t have anyone i feel i can talk to and i wanted to get my feelings out. i wrote this but i feel like i need to release/share it to help let go of my pain or at least deal with it better rather than keeping it bottled up. to my abuser….. i wish the world knew who you really were and what you did. i hope you suffered in your last moments on this planet as i continue to suffer every day from what you did to me. i hope those last moments haunt you beyond the grave as you and your actions haunt me. i hope that you were scared as you lay dying, realising that your life was slipping away, just as i have been scared every day since i was 13 years old. scared of you, scared to tell, scared of anyone with even the slightest resemblance to you and scared of people getting too close. you probably don’t even remember me, but i will never ever forget you. no matter how hard i try, i will never forget what you did. i hate you and i hate everything about you. i only wish your murder finally brought me peace. a nation mourned you though they did not know you. but i knew you. i knew who you really were. i know what you did. and i will never forget. and i will most certainly, never forgive.

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hello anon, it mustve been so difficult to deal with this stuff for so long. i really hope with time you find peace and comfort with yourself. hope you have kind friends and family around you. even if you feel low, friend, you're one of the strongest alive. take care of yourself with love, friend. sending good vibes and warm hugs.