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where's my happily ever after

posted by Anonymous on 18 September, 2021

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this is so hard to write. i’m holding back tears. i don’t know where to begin…i’m gonna be honest, i know im not that good looking…heck, ask any guy i know they would tell you i’m ugly right off the bat and today this person even screamed out how he thinks im so ugly. i don’t know whats wrong with me that nobody likes or wants me. im just tired of hearing no. i’m not looking for a fairy tale ending because i know i wont get one. ive been told numerous times how my head is up in the clouds dreaming of some rom com romance, but hey, i’m only human…cant a girl still dream? i’m not asking for prince charming…but where’s my happily ever after? please don’t tell me to wait it out….ive waited for years! most of my peers are married with kids with successful careers and have their whole life planned out. i thought i would have my life figured out by now too, but i don’t. it scares me to think about my future. i just hate hearing for the last time i fucking never did….over and over…it gets annoying after a while….i know life isn’t a movie, but can we act like it is? i just don’t want to die before the credits roll around.

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Anonymous ● 19 September, 2021 ⚓︎

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life isn't a movie, you're right. and no, we can't act like it is. if you look for a relationship with unrealistic expectations you are going to be disappointed. i'm not going to tell you to "wait it out." i'm going to tell you to stop carrying "happily ever after" into your effort to meet someone. it's a burden to you. open yourself to meeting people without that bottom line, and quit worrying about the credits. also, don't compare yourselves to your peers. you're an individual. next time you meet someone, keep an open mind about what could happen and let it unfold without the pressure of your fear.