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no porpuse in life

posted by Majestic Wiry Alpaca on 19 September, 2019

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hi, i really need to talk to someone i just moved from another country, i left almost everything behind, the past months i been feeling drepessed and with ansiety crisis. two months ago my boyfriend dumped me without saying anything he just stopped talking to me and never heard back from him, we even had a trip together. right now i live with my mom (45) and her boyfriend (27) i'm 23 and every time i try talking to her its wortless, i cant get a job (ive been trying) and the only thing i hear is complains that she has to support me, i feel like i have no one, i cant talk to anyone, i cry everyday, ive been dropping weight, i try not to eat so they dont have to buy a lot of food and i just feel like im a hindrance in the life of everyone i,ve been trough a lot and my dream was to be a dancer and i stopped doing it beacuse it was to expensive and every time i try to think that thnigs will get better they get worse i feel really lonely

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💡122 💎2 Delightful Scarlet Jellyfish ● 20 September, 2019 ⚓︎

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welcome! in here, you'll find a lot of people ready to simply listen to you or to give you some advice. if you need, message someone and try to tell your story. remember that, even though it may feel so, you are not alone

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Anonymous ● 23 September, 2019 ⚓︎

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the worst thing you can do now is stop being active. do everything in your power to get out and continue your passions. that might not mean dancing as a career, but you can definitely dance as a hobby and get quite good on your own. keep pushing, keep trying to see people and do not let up. i know it is so hard to get back on your feet, but you'll be better for it. thank you for sharing and keep us updated!