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should i go?

posted by Anonymous on 15 January, 2020

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i am currently in a very bad spot and was planning to leave home forever. recently found out, my father is planning on spending a lot of money for my sake, for a chance to make me get better. but one of the reasons i've been planning to leave is because i have been a horrible burden on everyone, especially to my family. should i take the chance to recover or should i leave before he spends and stop being a burden on them?

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👍1 💡7 Gentle Polychromatic Bear ● 18 January, 2020 ⚓︎

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hey there.. im sorry that you are in a place where it pushed you to take such a decision. i dunno what has made you feel so harsh on yourself.. but hey, i think you deserve the chance to recover. family never takes you for a burden instead they worry for you, hope to be better for you , help you out and see you in a better position. even when you find no way to get out of this, my suggestion would be to take up the opportunity to rise up. your father wont think any less of you. infact would be a lot happier that he could help you out. if it feels really heavy on your mind, you can always pay them back. not in just money, but also courtesy. use this emotion to make the best of this support. show that to the devil on your shoulder that has been telling you that you were/are a burden. they wont be any better if you leave, my friend. so,please give it a thought and take a wise decision. sending good vibes your way. hope you find strength in you soon.