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god bless sis

posted by Anonymous on 07 July, 2020

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my hb took covid test. came back neg. er said he had a tick disease. my sis didnt believe the er dr. i went to see my granddaughter. my sis got mad and has ghosted me for 3 weeks. i think she thinks it was irresponsible to expose them to germs but the drs dont think my husband nor i have covid. i'm mad. also, my daughter just found out she is pregnant. she is very young and my granddaughter is only 10 months. i'm worried about her bc the last pregnancy was super scary and that was before the world went nuts. i do not have time or emotional energy to deal with sis shit and i cannot commiserate over how shitty our world is bc i just want focus positivity in daughter and new in utero grandbaby and 10mo grandbaby and my husband who is getting over the tick thing. everything in life is so stressful. i'm stressing. i'm over reacting to sis thing..i think everyone on the planet is in react mode.i cant seem to get my anxiety under control.

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hello, i can understand you are going through a tough time rn. actually many of us are going through a bad phase ... there's so much of rush, anxiety, stress and uncertainties all over the place.... but hey, calm down...take a deep breath and first relax a bit.... rn you have so much things to look after...but you should be knowing what to look after...when ...where and how.... your daughter's going to give birth to your grandchild...you have to look after your 10 months old grandchild and you also have to look after you husband....so look after the one which needs the primary care...i know it won't be easy for you to manage...but try to be strong...your sis cares for you all and that's why she is mad at you...but don't worry...things will get better with time and all the misunderstandings will fade away....but it's important for you to hold tight and stand strong and you will get through all these and will be soon spending happy time with your two grandchildren and your family