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its tough to comes to terms with

posted by Anonymous on 19 September, 2021

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since my dad passed back in june it’s been tough and difficult to face, still asking why did he had to leave so unexpectedly, i feel as though what could’ve me and my family could’ve done to prevent this. my dad had a lot of medical issues one in particular that worried me was his diabetes he always ate what he wanted and sometimes as a diabetic you really have to watch what you eat and most of monitoring your blood sugar, at times i would have to get on him about eating sweets. and along with other issues everything i see him walking slow it worried me but he would say i’m okay honey, if i could turn back the hands of time i would he would still be here

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Anonymous ● 26 September, 2021 ⚓︎

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ive read some of your older posts and reflected on it...i’m so sorry i wasnt able to help you sooner...i’m sure your father was a great man and you probably have some good memories with him but you need to stay strong and not view his death as a means of him being gone...death doesn’t mean goodbye it just means i’m gonna be in a parallel universe until you pass and we would meet again and as i mention in other posts he’s still in your heart he’s not fully gone i suggest you talk about your feelings to a therapist or counselor because this shock of him being gone has kept you wanting to hear his voice or from being strong for your family or others to the fact that you are still mourning his death and it’s been months i’m sorry i cant give you my number to talk but i suggest you go into therapy asap i know the grieving process is long and painful but sometimes you just got to accept it as is don’t go buying sweets and eating them to remind yourself of him...it would just make you diabetic! just have a good cry and talk to other family members about it or a group therapy to express your loss and good times i’m sorry i’m not much help, but i’m sure he’s looking down on you and probably telling you to be strong and we’re gonna get through this best of luck and hope i helped