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not looking forward to next month

posted by Anonymous on 25 May, 2022

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i have so much emotional pain running through me right now, considering that this will be the first time on father’s day he won’t be here i’m just so emotional messed up it’s hard for me to understanding the reality that he’s gone and he’s not coming back i feel like if could have a time machine i would go back way before 2021 never thought it would be the last time i would see my dad alive again. its still big shock to me as to why he passed so unexpectedly only 61 years old and was weeks away from turning 62 on july 7 which is his birthday, he was looking forward to celebrating and enjoying life despite the his health issues all i just want is to have my dad again

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Anonymous ● 28 May, 2022 ⚓︎

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aw, i’m so sorry. i wish i could do something to make you feel better. it sucks that your dad is dead. it seems like he meant a lot to you. i’m sure he’s looking down at you and trying to tell you things would be ok. you can always visit his gravesite and celebrate father’s day there with your siblings. i know it’s hard because this person is a person that has been in your life for years, but it was just his time to go. he finished his purpose on earth and i don’t want to sound harsh, but no amount of tears would ever bring him back. i’m sorry. you can also go to his gravesite on his birthday too and like just talk to him. i’m not sure if he could hear you though, but maybe he’s looking down at you and wanting so badly to comfort you. also, i understand the need to hit the rewind button…everyone at one point or another wants to hit the rewind button, but we can’t…there isn’t a button! life is life and as they say life is what you make it. i’m sure your father doesn’t want you to be sad that he’s gone and i know it’s going to sound cheesy, but he’s never truly gone…he lives inside your heart and mind…they are full of good memories. sometimes a good cry is all you need or talk to someone all about him if you miss him to much. i suggest going to therapy if its too much for you to take that he’s gone. anyway, hope you have an awesome father’s day and best of luck to you. hope i helped and bye.